Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Real Craft Projects!

In November I finally found some time and motivation to make some real craft projects.  Jerry and I don't have a wreath, and I was striking out on finding one that was affordable that we liked.  Instead I bought an ornament set for $5 from Target, a plain wreath, and some battery operated lights and made this:
 If I had been thinking I would have bought an ugly wreath from ARC or Savers and remade it, but I didn't think about that until after this was finished.  Next year it will need an upgrade.  I used the ties that came with the ornaments and they don't hold very well.  Shortly after it was hung, it was bumped off the door and is now missing a few balls.

This month I also signed up for an ATC swap again.  I made two cards - one a collage based on the Hunger Games district 7; the other done with water color pencil, is a Nativity scene.  I'm probably not going to do ATCs this month because I'm actually attempting to craft some Christmas presents.  Clara is crawling now, so I am finding I can only craft when she's sleeping.  Hopefully I manage to get everything finished!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Diving Back In (Little Projects)

I really haven't had much time for crafts since Clara was born.  In the last 8 months I've worked some on a couple of big projects, that will hopefully be finished before 2013, and the two projects in this blog.
First up we have a very failed experiment.  I finally signed up for Pinterest a few months ago.  This led to my believing I could paint my nails fancy if I just followed the directions others had posted.  Oh how wrong I was.  I found this pin on plaid nails.  They look great.  Then I tried it and got this
I won't be trying this again.
The good news is my second project came out great.  I've been reading about people making their own vanilla extract so I decided to try it.  This was facilitated by the fact that Jerry has been given about 4 bottles of vodka over the past year.  Some of my loved ones may be getting vanilla extract for Christmas.  If you want to make your own just do a Google search.  It's super easy!  The pic is just so you can see something that wasn't a complete flop :)  After it sat for the required time it was much darker, and tastes great.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Off to a Good Start

I've actually managed to finish more in January than I thought I would.  I'm posting my February post early to show off these goodies because I'm really hoping the baby makes an appearance this week!
Speaking of baby - my first finished project of the year is a baby blanket.  It's the OpArt baby blanket from knitty.com.  I used the recomended dk yarn from knitpicks and did the 4 skein version.  It took me a while to finish, but came out great.  Sometimes the easy patterns (this is all garter stitch with increases in the same place each round) take the longest because I get bored.  I started out joining the yarn in different colors by just dropping and then attaching the new color.  Since I hate weaving in ends I decided to Russian join about 1/2 way through.  It turned out ok, but the ends really poke out on the Knit Picks Swish.  If I use this yarn again I won't be doing a Russian join.
My crochet project for the month was a Coming Home Poncho for myself.  I finished it yesterday.  This is a pretty popular pattern based on the poncho that Martha Stewart wore when she was released from prison.  It's also a free pattern that can be found on the Lion Brand website.  I also used the recommended yarn for this pattern, Lion Brand Homespun.  Wow, two projects with recommended yarn - I've become a follower :o)  I used 3.5 skeins for this, and didn't do all of the border rows.  I was afraid I'd run out of yarn so stopped after the second row.  I like how it turned out and it's pretty cozy.  It's working great as a cover-up at work!
Finally I decided to do one more round of the ongoing ATC swap on craftster.org while I still could.  This round I only signed up for two people because I didn't want to risk not sending to someone on time.  The two themes I picked were glitter and steampunk.  I tried using acrylic paint on the steampunk card.  I actually like how these turned out and my sign up for more ATC swapping after the baby and I have a routine that allows crafting.  For the steamship it's not glittered, it's a sparkly paper that I thought would be fun.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Cards and 2012 Craft List

Now that all the cards have been sent out and, hopefully, received here are all of the lovelies that I stamped this year.  Some of them I made with my friend Renee, and some I just did at home by myself.  The picture quality isn't the best, so sorry about that.  My favorite cards where the set with the silver snowflakes and the red ornament.

I also managed to get one more crochet project done before the end of 2011.  This is a baby dress for our soon to be here little one. 

It was supposed to be a newborn size, but it's closer to one year by the time I finished blocking.  I used the Solomon's Knot Crochet Baby dress pattern which is free and can be found here.  Last Christmas my MIL gave me some wonderful sock yarn (Dream in Color Everlasting Sock in passion) that I used for this dress.  I've got about half a skein of it left and want to find something else lovely to make with it.

Finally, I'm posting my to do list for crafts for this year.  You may notice that it is pretty similar to the one from last year.  That's because I didn't add anything new, just kept the uncompleted stuff from 2011.  With the baby coming I'm not expecting to do 50 projects this year.  Last year I only managed 46.   I'm interested to see if I can stick with my list better in 2012, or if most of my projects will end up being from off list like they were in 2011.

2012 Craft List

1.       My  quilt
2.       Christmas lap quilt
3.       Quilt kit from mom
4.       Crocheted table cloth
5.       Violet Beauregard
6.       Phoenix Mitts
7.       Thrummed Mittens
8.       Papyrus
9.       Coming Home Poncho
10.   OpArt blanket
11.   Cable Rolling Socks
12.   Grace Cardi
13.   Old Navy Scarf
14.   Central Park hoodie
15.   Celtic Tote
16.   HoneyCowl
Christmas tags
Random gift tags
19.   Hawaii scrapbook
20.   Wedding scrapbook
21.   2006 scrapbook
22.   2007 scrapbook
Stamping/other paper crafts
23.   B-day cards for family
24.   Thank you cards
25.   Art journal
26.   Random event cards
27.   New embroidered pillow cases
28.   Punch needle quilt motifs
29.   Set of towels for on hand gift
30.   New set of kitchen towels for us
31.   Monogrammed hankie for Linda
Polymer Clay
32.   Polymer clay/bottle cap magnets
33.   Stitch marker beads
Household Crafty
34.   Sand/re-varnish deacons bench
35.   Refinish desk
36.   Shadowbox from Grandpa’s frame
Sewing (not quilts)
37.   Headbands
38.   Halloween costume
39.   Purse
40.   Reversible bags
41.   Cup cozies

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Goodies from November

Last month I managed to get quite a few projects done.  I did some more ATCs for a swap, some knitting and crocheting, stamped some Christmas cards, and even did an altered tin (my first!).

First up are my ATCs from last month.  I'm not really happy with how they have been turning out, but I'm still trying.  If they don't get better I may drop this craft.  The first one is craft themed and my favorite.  I also have a wine theme, Celtic cross, beards/mustaches, and cooking.

My altered tin was also for a swap on craftster.org.  I've been wanting to try to do an altered Altoid tin for awhile, so was excited for this one.  I used Sculpy II polymer clay for the lid.  The main color is actually a sparkly silver but it didn't show up too well in the pictures.  The glitter from the silver ended up on the other colors too and created a pretty effect.  I used Martha Steward Christmas paper on the bottom (from Micheal's), and stash fabric on the inside.  The paper and fabric were stuck on with Modge Podge.  Then I wrapped some cubes of styrofoam in different wrapping papers and glued them in with E6000 (the best glue ever).

Finally my crochet and knitted projects for the month.  I did smaller things so got more done.  First up my lovely crocheted goodies.  I made a headband from the book Crochet That Fits and a pair of slippers from The Happy Hooker book.  These are from the bunny slippers pattern that I have made multiple times, just never for myself.  I used up the remaining Lambs Pride I had in pink and then did the edging in a grey stash yarn, no idea what kind.  I didn't really want to make these into bunnies so they're just regular slippers.  A little too big for me, but they keep my feet warm in the house.

My knit projects for the month were a small scarf/cowl that I made as a feel better gift for a coworker.  I used the pattern Altantic Scarf off of Ravelry and the yarn was Crucci Clan Stewart Perendale that Karen brought me back from New Zealand.  The second knit project I actually made three of using scrap acrylic yarn.  They are coffee cuffs, from the pattern Coffee Cuff Six Ways, also on Rav.  The cuff was really easy to make and I might whip up a few to go with Christmas presents in the next week.  Maybe.

The Christmas cards and holiday cards I made I'll post after they've actually been mailed out to everybody.  I hope you all enjoy whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year.  I'm looking forward to having my family around for Christmas :o)

Monday, November 7, 2011

ATCs and yummy yarn

I hope everyone enjoyed their October.  This past month I did a few little projects, and one big one.  The big project I did was a crochet pattern - the froufrou sweater from the Happy Hooker book.  It's a pretty easy cardigan pattern, and I used some yummy yarn I bought at the Lamb Shoppe.  I used Aslan Trends Invernal which is a angora, merino and nylon blend.  It's so soft and warm, and super easy to work with.  A bit pricey, but I had extra play money last month.  I used just over 5 skeins.  I'd guess I used right around a yard from the 6th skein.  The body was done in granite stitch and the boarder was done by pulling up loops and joining them together, with a chain 3 joining the groups.

I also crocheted myself some hand warmers for my car using acrylic scrap leftovers.  They were done using a DROPS design I found on ravelry - 108-25 crocheted shell wrist warmers.  It was a free pattern :o)

Finally I joined some ATC swaps on craftster.org and finally made some new Artist Trading Cards.  The themes I had were my hometown, handdrawn map, gingerbread, and ladies of the seasons.  I have some more cards to do this weekend, so my next post will have more ATC fun.  If you like papercrafts at all these are a lot of fun to make, and are the size of a baseball card.

Friday, October 7, 2011

More yarn projects

This past month I completed three projects.  Woo!  I'd been in kind of a craft rut recently so this month was a comeback.  First up I made a shawl that I had planned to use as a cover up for breast feeding.  It came out a little small, but it will make a good scarf/work warmer this winter.  I used the pattern Nancy & Judy by Heather Zoppetti, which is a free Ravelry download.  It was a fun pattern and pretty easy to do.  If you're looking for just a little bit of lace to get into knitted lace this is a good one.

I finally used the yarn I dyed in the crock-pot awhile ago to make a Nook cover.  I went through my stitch dictionary and found a pattern that I liked (diagonal trip stitch) and modified it to be in the round.  I used a G hook and did a repeat of 38 stitches.  The yarn was Full o Sheep.  As I worked I just kept putting the Nook in the cover until it was the right size. The only issue with this project is that I didn't rinse the yarn enough when I finished dyeing it, so the back of my Nook is now a little pink.  Oops!
Finally, I did another stash buster project.  My craft room is going to be the baby's room, so I'm trying to get rid of stash instead of buying new.  We want her to have all the room she needs when she gets here.  So I used some of my dk weight baby yarn and made the super cute One Day Baby Hat by Susan Rainy.  This is also a free Ravelry download.  It only used half a skein of the Sidar Snuggly yarn, so I may make a second one for a friend who is expecting soon.  I may add some flowers to the lacey parts on the bottom of mine.  What do you think?